Security and Risk Management Solutions

We use a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your security and operational risks for the most robust protection of your assets. Our diverse skill-sets and resources enable our team to manage projects from inception to completion.

Our Information Services are tailored to the individual requirements of the Client. SealMarks’ bespoke services comprise detailed assessments of each Client’s unique profile and identify the specific threats posed by their business environment. Utilizing our regional network of stringers, SealMarks’ bespoke services provide Clients unrivalled access to decision critical information from outside the public domain.

Our prompt-response one-stop shop capability delivers the best services along the whole continuum of security risk management.

Experts with backgrounds as diverse as our clients’ needs

Our Risk Management team enables our partners to understand and mitigate their security and operational risks. Our risk management solutions are agile, innovative and tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our aim through risk reporting, mitigation planning and embedded virtual security management is to reduce uncertainty and deliver a commercial advantage.

Security risk management Capabilities

Security Audits and Assessments and general security Consulting

  • Industry-specific risk assessments

  • Market evaluation and market entry reports (Eastern Africa region)

  • Local area risk assessments (Town / County / neighborhood )

  • Assessments on specific threat groups / organizations

  • Travel security reports including 24/7 real time flash reports

Resilience Management Consulting-Business continuity planning, Crisis management etc