Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

What You Need to Know to Work in Close Protection Security

Many individuals have heard about close protection security; however, they don’t seem to know everything about this occupation. In order to work in the close protection security field, you will need to meet some requirements. So, for this reason, the employment solution is not applicable to every applicant.

On top of that, there are many trainings in the close protection security field. Also, you may need to have some qualifications and certificate in this area if you wish to obtain good outcome at job interviews.

Close Protection Security: What is it?

Some of the individuals that may require a close protection security service include famous people, bankers, politicians and other affluent people. The close protection security service is normally needed when these wealthy people are travelling to risky places or spending time in public.

In the world, many famous and powerful people check all the boxes to guarantee their protection as nowadays world is dangerous and unsafe due to criminality and terrorism.
In order to guarantee they know how to recognise warning signs and maintain their clients safe; the new close protection officer must complete many complicated and difficult training.

On top of that, some influential people may hire a close protection agency to protect their property and keep protection nearby. In some cases, for example, close protection officers can work at the client’s residence for short and long periods.
In other cases, on the other hand, some wealthy individuals may call a close protection officer when there is a threat. Perhaps they were frightened so they hire close protection officers to safety and to keep their families protected.

Before carrying out a danger assessment and figuring out their next steps, many close protection officers will spend time collecting intelligence and researching the case. Since there is no place available in the field for the ones who can’t keep alert every hour, only those with the right mindset will succeed in this area.

I am interested in becoming a Licensed Bodyguard, how can I become one?

If you wish to become a bodyguard in the United Kingdom, you will need to obtain a license, which is issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

In order to work in England or Wales, all experts are required to get a Close Protection Licence by the SIA.
Even though some individuals believe that the process to obtain the license isn’t difficult, the procedure of obtaining the license is more difficult than what people know.

There are some conditions the candidates need to meet to acquire a close protection license which include:

  • A qualification in close protection

  • A certificate in first aid

  • Criminal records check

  • Be 18+ years old

When it comes to guaranteeing the best close protection jobs in the UK, the person’s background is extremely important. So, someone who used to work as a police officer or in the army, for example, has better opportunity than others.

In addition, many companies will only accept individuals who are at least 25 years old for safety purposes. Moreover, the individual needs to have a driving license and it can be advantageous to speak more than one language.