Asset Tracking and Tracing

Sealmark’s innovative features come to life with the industry leading Fleet Management Systems (FAMs) Smartphone application that offers you a convenient solution to track and monitor your car from any place, at any time – right from the palm of your hand

Our Advanced Fleet Management System uses the most recent state of the art technology in the industry, making our Fleet Management package second to none. We believe in quality, affordability and giving everyone a chance to secure their movable and stationary assets.

Our Solutions

Real-time Live Tracking (GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO)
Driver Identification
Vehicle Maintenance and Service Monitoring
Fuel Monitoring
School Bus Tracking
Asset Tracking
Authorized Driving
Shift Monitoring
Job Dispatching
Customized Tailored Solution
Boat and Yacht Tracking
MMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System)
Geo-Fencing (zoning)
Temperature Monitoring

M2M Hardware and Accessories

Our fleet tracking and fuel management devices and terminals can be used for different type of vehicles: from light fleet as cars, taxis and service cars to logistic trucks, construction machines, generators and assets. The devices are built in EU (European Union) and are E26 & CE-certified. They are designed and approved by EC-type automotive regulations. We have a wide range of GPS products for nearly every application of usage: from simple Track &Trace to advanced GPS tracking and telematics hardware. Monitor not only the position of your vehicles and objects, but gain additional information like fuel usage, temperature status etc.

Benefits of using Sealmark’s Fleet Management System (FAMS)

FAMS offers you the next generation of fleet tracking & telematics solutions. It allows you to monitor events in your fleet, to control and manage, to save costs and optimize utilization of your resources.
No matter how big or small your fleet is, and whether your fleet consists of cars, buses, vans, motorcycles, boats or other vehicles, FAMS provides you the optimum, tailored solution to your business.


Lower your maintenance and operating costs
  • Monitor and optimize the performance of your drivers by

    • Preventing aggressive driving behavior

    • Extending the lifetime of your vehicles

    • Lowering fuel consumption

    • Reducing vehicle abrasion

  • Support safe and environment friendly driving

  • Reduce idle time

  • Reduce out of shift trips (off-hours such as weekends)

  • Prevent theft by permanent tracking and integrated alarm system



Save Fuel


  • By monitoring and optimizing the driving behavior of your drivers

  • By optimizing the routes and avoiding unnecessary and unscheduled trips

  • By monitoring and limiting private trips

Manage your fleet quickly, easily and more efficiently
  • Easy to manage and organize your fleet in real time (live tracking)

  • Access your data anytime from anywhere in the world – whether through a PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone

Optimize processes and save time
  • Make decisions quicker – through systematic review of current and future activities (trips)

  • Optimize routes and avoid unnecessary and unscheduled trips

  • Use your fleet more effectively

Protect the environment – Green Thinking
  • Monitor and optimize the performance of your drivers

  • Reduce unnecessary engine idles

  • Plan and act more quickly and be proactive – Greater transparency

More security through continuous monitoring (tracking)
  • Real-time Live Tracking of your entire fleet

  • Built-in alarm triggers for following scenarios:

    • Manipulation of the GPS tracking device (cable cut)

    • Jammer detection

    • Unauthorized operation time (off hours)

    • Towing or pushing of the vehicle (tilt sensor)

    • Panic button (anti-carjacking), in the event of a robbery or emergency

Sealmark Ltd is licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) as an application services provider for tracking services with License No. TL/ASP/00349