Retail and Manufacturing sector Loss Prevention Solutions

The combination of today’s expensive merchandise and large, diverse crowds of shoppers has exposed shopping and manufacturing centers to a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities.

We are experts in entrenching ourselves inside your operation to uncover thievery, embezzlement and loss prevention at all levels. Our considerations include a multitude of business functions from store operations to warehousing and distribution, logistics and administration.

Sealmark LTD addresses the needs of our retail clients through a dedicated Retail/manufacturing Loss Prevention Services team, focusing on three high-level objectives: personnel safety, business continuity, and asset protection.

We bring our retail/ manufacturing clients an integrated approach to security that takes enterprise objectives into account. We provide a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet both the conventional and extended security needs of the field:

  • We provide an inviting environment for employees, customers, and vendors while reducing the occurrence of theft.

  • We help identify instances of shoplifting/embezzlement/shrinkage and safely apprehend offenders with minimal disruption.

  • We have the resources and expertise to identify and manage security hazards and business risks.

  • We are experienced supporting clients in the administration of Civil Recovery Programs.

Our loss prevention/Control services include:

 Stock controllers

Stock room controllers play an important role in the control and movement of stock from stock areas to other designated areas by process of verification. Daily reconciliation between physical and (in) system stocks thus giving consistent report for investigations and report.

   Double checkers

This is key within the receiving and dispatch areas of any organization especially the retail outlets. Double checking supports independent verification and the accuracy of physical stock movement and against documentation, ensuring adherence to your organization policies and procedures within the inventory management processes.

Loss Control Managers

Loss prevention managers play a very pivotal role in day to day operations of any business. The work of the prevention officers is to ensure that the business operating policies and procedures in regard to risk management, loss control management, security and inventory management for any business that they have been contracted to manage.

Control Room Operators

Their primary role is to constantly monitor and assess both staff productivity and criminal activity within the vicinity of your business. This is monitored through CCTV surveillance systems through two way radio communication system. It is normally operated from secluded and secured room.

Warehouse Tracking Solution

This is a barcode based mobile solution which enables organizations to automate the process of items movement in and out of the store/warehouse. Each item is tracked, validated against the respective documents for a better visibility and movement of items/goods.

Stock Counting Solutions

This is a mobile based application that enables the retailers to automate the stock taking (capture) process at multiple facilities. It helps the HHS (Hand Held System) which is Scanner enabled to capture inventory at the shop floor, warehouse and fields based on location and rack. It will have a PC module designed to prepare master data for each HHT, consolidates data from multiple HHT and generate variance and other management reports.

Asset Tracking Solutions

This is also a barcode based solution which enables the user to captures accurate information. In this case, scanner enabled mobile devices are used for data captures related to assets at multiple location. Each asset will be identified by a unique Asset code which can be created using the PC application and barcode labels are applied to each asset.

Sealmark’s asset Tracking system provide solutions to the companies to Automate the tracking process of their company assets Example given, Furniture/Fixtures, IT equipment, Coolers, Dispensers, etc, which are distributed/spread across a certain locality or region, with the help of bar-cording technology.