SealMark LTD is a leading security risk management company with specialities in Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Banking and Insurance sectors. Our range of services includes provision of security risk management,Investigations, information services, technical security solutions and protective security. Our corporate security risk management professionals help protect people, interests and reputations. We do this by offering services that provide insight, deliver assurance and instil confidence.

To protect what matters most, our corporate security risk management professionals offer immediate access to trusted counsel, critical insights and the full scope of information vital to strategic decision making. We view our role as a trusted advisor as a noble and honourable pursuit. This is our purpose. It’s who we are. It’s why our clients trust us.

Our Vision

To remain a boutique Security risk management partner with a personal approach, surpassing client expectations at every turn in the delivery of customized solutions.

Our Mission

To protect businesses by incorporating people, processes and technology

Our Values

Our values represent the spirit and strength of our organization. They help shape our behaviour and create measurable expectations for clients, employees and stakeholders. Our key values, IntegrityVigilance, and Excellence can be summarized by our corporate code: We Never Sleep.


The overriding principles of our firm are honesty, consistency and ethical conduct. To uphold our reputation for reliability and accuracy, SealMark places utmost importance on integrity. It has allowed us to sustain our commitment to service, standards and fairness.


Unparalleled protection requires the tenacity to continually see, hear, evaluate and analyze…over and over. The vigilance instilled in the SealMark’s culture means that our agents, analysts and consultants offer clients a level of attentiveness and alertness that – we believe – cannot be equalled by anyone.


Embracing Excellence leads us to challenge ourselves to execute flawlessly and to consistently deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. To enable excellence, we seek the best talent and we promote personal and professional development.